Establishing Communication Clients can follow up their work over the phone, through the email, or through the website (under construction).

What does our certified translation contain? Certified Translation at EL ALAMIA COMPANY includes three parts, namely: Part I: The target language text (translated), holding the company seal. Part II: Certificate by EL ALAMIA COMPANY, holding the company seal which is approved by Egyptian authorities and recommended by the United States Embassy in Cairo, some foreign […]

Photocopying and Bonding We provide the service of photocopying documents using the best photocopying machines in Egypt, giving the clearest copies, along with other services such as bonding (helix and thermal).

We provide the service of typing scientific theses. We have experienced specialists in this field, so as to ensure the accuracy and quality of work. All kinds of typing and printing works are done on black laser printers and color Inkjet ones.

What do we provide in the field of translation? We translate documents, certificates, records and other documents for reasonable and suitable fees. The most important characteristic about our services is the fastest, finest and most accurate translation, for both individuals and establishments. Translation Services Certified Translation of Personal and Business Documents Technical Translation Legal Translation […]

We are EL ALAMIA for Certified Translation in the city of Alexandria, Arab Republic of Egypt. It was established in 1986. We work to achieve our clients’ desires and, therefore, obtain their satisfaction. Our business has been active in achieving this goal through recruiting more translators and other specialized professionals, for the purpose of expanding […]