What does our certified translation contain?

Certified Translation at EL ALAMIA COMPANY includes three parts, namely:

Part I: The target language text (translated), holding the company seal.

Part II: Certificate by EL ALAMIA COMPANY, holding the company seal which is approved by Egyptian authorities and recommended by the United States Embassy in Cairo, some foreign embassies and consulates, and Arab states. This certificate includes a declaration that the translated text in the target language is a correct and complete translation of the source language text. This certificate is “the certificate of accuracy and intactness” or “the certification that the two documents have the same meaning”. The certificate is stamped by the seal of EL ALAMIA COMPANY for Certified Translation.

Part III: The source language text

*The three parts are bound by a golden clip. The seal is put on the back of the last piece of paper; on the clip. In case the pieces of paper are many (source and target), they are bound by an ordinary staple, not a golden clip.

What are the documents that typically need certified translation?

We realize that there are many documents that need certified translation, such as:

  1. Birth/Death Certificates
  2. Marriage/Divorce Certificates
  3. Passports
  4. Will /Custody Statements
  5. Education Certificates and Academic Transcripts
  6. Decisions or Complaints Documents
  7. Official Governmental Documents
  8. Testimonies and Declarations
  9. Labor Letters and Human Resources Letters
  10. Financial Reports
  11. Corporate Contracts
  12. Police Records
  13. Lease/Sale Contracts
  14. Recommendation Letters
  15. Bills of Lading
  16. Criminal Records
  17. Others …