What do we provide in the field of translation?

We translate documents, certificates, records and other documents for reasonable and suitable fees. The most important characteristic about our services is the fastest, finest and most accurate translation, for both individuals and establishments.

Translation Services

  • Certified Translation of Personal and Business Documents
  • Technical Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Marketing and Advertising Translation

The Process of Selecting Translators:

  1. The document issent to the executive directoronce translation is confirmed.
  2. He immediatelystarts the process of selectingthe appropriatetranslator.
  3. Once the translator is selected, related agreements are performed, and the translation is sent to the translator

We can handle Adobe (open version) and Microsoft Office files.

  1. Financial Translation

    Being a big company spread all over the world requires not only maintaining large affiliated institutions, but also financial statements provided in many languages, as a result of globalization. Those statements range from annual reports provided to shareholders, declarations of financial markets, to marketing materials for the sale of financial services.

    As for financial translation, it is of great importance to use the correct terms in the appropriate texts. In order to ensure that, we communicate with you to reach the agreed terminology assigned to your company or your career.

    We carefully select our translators and reviewers from within the republic and test them in order to reach the highest level to work on your project.

  2. Legal Translation

    EL ALAMIA COMPANY – as a provider of legal translation services all over the world – guarantees the provision of distinguished services characterized by accuracy, specialization and punctuality, since we have unique experience in all legal aspects.

    It is well known that legal translation requires exact specialization, to accurately use words in the exact meaning, with no ambiguity. Incorrect legal translation may result in unnecessary failure and delay, in addition to bearing higher costs by clients.

    For this reason, we employ only qualified translators to handle legal documents.

    Employing specialized legal translators to handle your translation

    EL ALAMIA COMPANY has project managers who guarantee the employment of the right translators for you. If you are a lawyer or an agent and you need to translate attestation documents or other documents in order to bring a lawsuit into action, or if you purchase an apartment and need to translate the title deeds, EL ALAMIA COMPANY provides you with specialized translators for this purpose, guaranteeing that the legal translation you will get is of the finest accurate quality.

    There is no doubt that the multiplicity of dealings among people – inside and outside – has led to the increased demand for legal translation. EL ALAMIA COMPANY recruits translators from different countries to translate your legal works, as they are familiar with the local customs and cultures. They are also familiar with the judicial systems prevailing in their countries and understand the meaning of used paragraphs.

  3. Translation of Literary Works

    It is known that each and every writer has his/her own literary style, by which his/her writings are characterized, reflecting the writer’s personal characteristics and instantaneous emotions. The translation of such creative texts is not only a technical change in language. It also requires the translator to create a replica of the author’s artistic creativity, to comprehend the spirit in the source text and to find the most appropriate expressions through his/her thinking, feeling and experience, using a literary language similar to the style of the source text.

    The literary translator takes care of the tools of rhetoric and the right words in the right places. It is also important to be familiar with other cultures, customs, related traditions, behaviors and humor, and other things associated with feelings and emotions.

  4. Interpreters

    EL ALAMIA COMPANY provides the interpretation service along with professional translation services. As for interpretation, we employ only interpreters qualified in linguistics at the highest level.

    Legal Interpreters at Courts or the Land Registration Authority

    Courts are the places which most care about the degree of interpreters’ qualification. Therefore, our legal interpreters are subject to a series of tests, assessments and training to ensure that they do their duties by the finest quality.

  5. Marketing and Publication Translation

    We have spent many years building trust in our trade name, emphasizing that the services we provide are fully in accordance with our clients’ demands. Therefore, the last thing we wish for is the loss of those exerted efforts through bad or incorrect translation of advertisement, advertising brochures, websites, publications or emails.

    It is ironic that someone receives wrong translation.

    It is not limited only to certain individuals who receive “incorrect translation”. There are examples of large establishments which have received incorrect translation:

    When Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) translated its slogan “Finger Licking Good” into Chinese, the translation came as “Eat your fingers off”.

    In Italy in an advertising campaign for “Schweppes Tonic Water”, the translation came as: “Schweppes Toilet Water”.

    When General Motors introduced the Chevy Nova in South America, it was clear that “No va” means “will not go” in Spanish.

    We assure that this will not happen to you.

    It is known that the exact translation for advertising materials is extremely serious not only for your company or clients; as it is also vital for your future career.

  6. Medical Translation

    Translation errors in the field of medicine have disastrous results.

    Medical Translation has rules of extreme privacy, which must be observed and adhered to through employing qualified translators. That is why we always employ only specialized translators (doctors or biomedical engineers) experienced in your medical field and possessing linguistic experience and accurate performance.

  7. Technical (Engineering) Translation

    When translating technical documents, all of the technical terminology used in translation must be correct. Imagine, for example, a case of misinterpretation and mistranslation of an installation guide (guiding Catalog) and its resulting undesirable errors.

Translators are Quality Control Experts

Technical translation must be sound, whether in the fields of aviation, building and construction, agriculture or other majors. Therefore, we employ only translators who have perfect technical knowledge and previous experience in this field.

Requirements that must be met by translators

EL ALAMIA COMPANY gives great importance to the level of translation quality. Our goal is to obtain your satisfaction and ensure the implementation of translation with a high level of quality. Thus, translators must meet the following requirements:

  • Translating more than a certain number of pages;
  • Having at least three previous years of experience from previous projects;
  • Translation into their mother language only;
  • Having actual practicing experience in the field they are handling;